• Thursday, March 23, 2023


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Help Wanted -
Estate of Benjamin Scotchman (2017): The decedent took out a reverse mortgage before he died. The property taxes went delinquent and an investor purchased the tax certificate. The mortgage was assigned to HUD, and HUD and its servicing agent have been completely unresponsive to the PR and to the investor about moving the foreclosure along. The PR (the decedent's son) has been getting very impatient and, according to Peter Jr., not 100% cooperative.
Please contact Mitch Hipsman at 305-733-5924 or mahtelaw@gmail.com.

Estate of Betty Zook (2005): The estate owns a small vacant lot in Lee County which was the subject of litigation between claimants and the PR in 2009 (the case has been open since 2005), which has been settled. The defendants are holding an unrecorded deed to the property executed by the decedent before she died. They will surrender the deed and/or quitclaim their interests back to the estate and will receive $2,900 when the property is sold. The sale of the lot will provide cash to pay the settlement and possibly a small attorney fee. I believe the PR should get an appraisal before the property is listed for sale because the value appears to have increased sharply in the past few years.
Please contact Mitch Hipsman at 305-733-5924 or mahtelaw@gmail.com.