At Large Members

At-Large Members (ALM’s) are elected to the Executive Council as representatives of the Section’s members. In addition to working on Section projects, the ALMs serve as the channel of communication between the Section leadership and the members. The ALMs represent the Section throughout the State, participate on the Section’s committees, keep current on issues of concern to the members, and communicate regularly with the members. It is through the ALMs that the work of the RPPTL Executive Council is disseminated to the entire Real Property Probate & Trust Law Section (RPPTL) members. The work of the ALMs is key to the success of the RPPTL Section and the fact that the RPPTL Section is the largest and most successful section of the Florida Bar with over 11,000 members. If you are interested in learning more about the important work of the ALMs or in applying to become an ALM, please e-mail the Director, Lawrence J. Miller at for additional information.
Assist the Membership and Inclusion Committee, the Publications Committees, and the CLE Committee in their efforts.
Write articles for The Florida Bar Journal and ActionLine.
The ALM’s meetings are held in conjunction with the RPPTL Executive Council Meetings and the various committee meetings. The meetings are usually the day before the Executive Council Meeting.
July 23 – July 26, 2020
Now – August 20 – 23, 2020
Executive Council Meeting & Legislative Update
The Breakers
Palm Beach, Florida
Room Rate (Deluxe Room – King): $239
Premium Room Rate: $290
September 30 – October 4, 2020 Out of State Executive Council Meeting
Four Seasons Resort
Jackson Hole, WY
Standard Guest Room Rate: $395 (single/double)
December 3 – December 6, 2020 Executive Council & Committee Meetings
Disney’s Yacht Club
Orlando, FL
Standard Guest Room Rate: $289
($25 pp for each person over 18 years old) 
February 4 – February 7, 2021   Executive Council & Committee Meetings
Hammock Beach Resort
Palm Coast, FL
Standard Guest Room Rate: $289 (single/double)
June 3 – June 6, 2021   Executive Council Meeting & Convention
JW Marriott
Marco Island, FL
Standard Guest Room Rate: $245 (single/double)
Director: Lawrence J. Miller -
1st Circuit: Colleen C. Sachs - 
2nd Circuit: Lynwood F. Arnold -  
3rd Circuit:  Richard M. White, Jr. - RMW@GATE.NET 
(and 8th Circuit) 
4th Circuit: Jason P. Van Lenten
5th Circuit: Arlene C. Udick -
6th Circuit: Rebecca C. Bell -
7th Circuit: Christene M. Ertl -
8th Circuit: Richard M. White, Jr. - RMW@GATE.NET
9th Circuit: Alex H. Hamrick -
10th Circuit: Sandra G. Sheets -
11th Circuit: Stuart Altman -
12th Circuit: Erin H. Christy-
13th Circuit: Johnathan Butler-
14th Circuit: PENDING
15th Circuit: Robert M. Schwartz -
16th Circuit: Stuart Altman -
(and 11th Circuit)
17th Circuit: Robert B. Judd -
18th Circuit: Stephen Paul Heuston -
19th Circuit: Jane L. Cornett -
20th Circuit: Alan Stephen Kotler -
Out of State Rep: Nicole Kibert Basler -

The Real Property Probate and Trust Law Section of The Florida Bar
651 East Jefferson Street, Florida 32399-2300