• Monday, July 22, 2024


Real Property

Real Property Finance & Lending

This committee keeps members informed of any developments affecting financing and the preparation and use of mortgages, other encumbrances and negotiable instruments under Florida and Federal law. The committee studies the law and cases regarding mortgages and other encumbrances, security agreements, negotiable instruments and remedies for non-payment to provide awareness to the members of the RPPTL Executive Council of the current state of the law and any need for changes. It reviews, drafts and recommends bills to the Florida Legislature associated with the focus of the committee. The committee cooperates with The Florida Bar's Continuing Legal Education program by periodically providing a seminar to educate members.


Jason M. Ellison, Co-Chair

Deborah B. Boyd, Co-Chair
Jin Liu, Co-Vice Chair
Nicole Villarroel, Co-Vice Chair
David Shanks, Secretary
Klarika J. Caplano, Website