• Friday, June 9, 2023


Probate & Trust

Attorney/Trust Officer Liaison Conference

The Committee's task is to plan, organize and undertake all necessary and appropriate activities associated with the annual Attorney Trust Officer Liaison Conference, including arranging for communications with participants, selecting speakers, arranging social functions at the Conference, obtaining sponsors and exhibitors, and ensuring that the conference provides both outstanding educational and social opportunities and fosters a positive and productive relationship between attorneys and fiduciaries.

If you are interested in becoming a Committee member, please contact the Chair. 

Date: Thursday August 17, 2023 - Saturday August 19, 2023 
Want to be a sponsor for this event? Email Mitchell Hipsman at mahtelaw@gmail.com

Steering Committees:

Special thanks to these individuals for their dedicated service to the conference.

Program Chair
Mitchell A. Hipsman, Aventura

Vice Chairs
Tae Kelley Bronner
Stacey L. Cole, Winter Park
Gail G. Fagan, Winston-Salem
Eamonn W. Gunther, Boca Raton
Michael M. Rubenstein, Naples

Debra Lynn Boje, Tampa  
Tattiana Stahl, Boca Raton 
Speaker Coordinators 

Alisa Heedy, Sarasota
Jennifer Rodriguez, Fort Lauderdale 

Fiduciary Sponsors 

Stacey Cole, Winter Park
Gail Fagan, Winston-Salem

Law Firm Sponsors
Kimberly Bald, Bradenton
Gentry Byrnes, St. Petersburg
Lea Anne Groover, Orlando
Brian Trimyer, Bradenton  

Michael Rubenstein, Naples
Vaughn Yeager,  Delray Beach 

Continuing Education Credits
Chuck Runge, Bal Harbour
Barry McKenzie,  Naples 

Tech and Website
Jesse Friedman,  Miami
Patrick Lannon, Miami