• Friday, June 9, 2023


Probate & Trust

Digital Assets and Information Study Committee

The mission of the Digital Assets and Information Study Committee is

(1) to study and identify issues and problems associated with access to and the disposition of digital assets and information under the following situations: inter vivos (the rights and obligations of agents of durable powers of attorney, guardians, and trustees of inter vivos trusts, for example); and, following death (the rights and obligations of personal representatives and testamentary trustees, for example);

(2) to study the extent, if any, to which existing Florida statutes are inadequate in providing solutions to those issues and problems;

(3) to study the content of statutes enacted in other states which seek to address these issues and problems and whether any of those statutes might have applicability in Florida;

(4) to consider and assess efforts to create uniform legislation on these subjects; and

(5) to advise the Executive Council of the RPPTL Section whether remedial legislation in Florida should be considered as the next phase of the project.